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S-PRoF, a story of the future

What is S-PRoF (The Strategic Planning Rotarians’ Fellowship)?

-It’s a Rotary House of Fellowship, built for our future where each resident, ”The Champions”, intends to bring, or to put a brick for/at its structure. Some of us, ”The Ambassadors”, will also have a booth inside, inviting visitors to join the group, or teaching them how to help extending the building.

”We are committing ourselves to increasing our impact on the world, expanding our reach, enhancing the experiences and engagement of Rotary participants, and increasing our ability to adapt and be innovative”, said RID Stephanie Urchick, former Chair of the RI Strategic Planning Committee, referring to the priorities of our ACTION PLAN, the NSP[1] (New RI Strategic Plan).

And Stephanie is continuing: the ACTION PLAN will make ”our organization stronger so that our values will last for years to come. It’s about using effective tactics to strengthen the organization at all levels. It’s about ensuring that every person who engages with us has a meaningful, valuable and fulfilling experience. It’s about changing more lives and communities for the better”

Referring to the above organization levels let’s all familiarise now with the ACTION PLAN Pyramid. This is the operational support of the next NSP phases: Communication and Implementation.

The arrows on the left and right sizes are indicating the directions of actions of the above phases; top-down for Communication and both top-down & bottom-up for Implementation.

Up today S-PRoF intention is to deal only with the Implementation bottom-up approach, from ”Members” to ”District”, focusing mainly the intermediary ”Club” leadership level. At the RI request some ”Champions” and especially the ”Ambassadors” could be invited to participate in the top-down Communication phase.

Group Membership

Returning to the Pyramid we can remark that the shape is suggesting not only the ways to communicate and implement the next phases of the NSP but also the hierarchy of S-PRoF members classification.

The S-PRoF Board of Directors has three committees: Executive (including 7 members already approved by consensus on the FB page), Operational (composed of 17 members) and Educational, which has 7 members. 

As for February 4, 2021 all 220  members have an Operational classification.

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